Quickly find the best stories about your brand and bring them home to your owned media in minutes. Filter social content using #hashtags, @handles and keywords that define your brand. Inject your own branding, partner content or sponsorship assets

SNAB (Social Native Advertisement Board) allows publishers and brands to capture, amplify and contribute to conversations, strengthening relationships and increasing visibility. It offers great value to brands, publishers and advertising professionals.

For Brands : SNAB lets brands find real-time commentary from multiple social media channels, filter it to optimise messaging and display it in customised formats by injecting your own branding. Websites, digital advertising spaces, existing social media profiles, on publisher sites and even within point-of-sale or event spaces can be your new display. The result is centralized, amplified and highly-leveraged conversations, all in one place.

For Publishers : SNAB gives a significant competitive advantage for publishers to create an innovative, distinctive experience to consumers. It offers the ability to collect and curate feature-rich, user-generated news-content from various social media channels.

For Agencies : Each campaign you create using SNAB is designed to drive significantly more value for you and the audience you are trying to reach through contextual relevance. Our technology is flexible and adaptable, enabling many ideas and forms of engagement. Once our strategy is in place, we then build and integrate an experience that can scale across multiple sites and deliver great results for your brand.